Kernel upgrade in Debian 10

Hello guys.

I want to ask you what’s the recommended method to upgrade the kernel in Debian 10.

I followed a random blog post and successfully upgraded from Linux 4.19.0-8-amd64 to Linux 5.5.0-0.bpo.2-amd64 but want to know what’s the method you guys recommend.

I ask this mostly because Hetzner has now available AMD’s EPYC 2nd generation Rome processors for their cloud service and I’ll do the switch from CX21 to CPX11 (more processing power for less money). I was also told that in order to take full advantage of AMD Zen 2 CPUs we need at least kernel 5.2 that’s why kernel upgrade is important.

Also, when we do a “apt dist-upgrade” sometimes we are asked if we want to keep our old files or replace them with new (php.ini for example). What’s the recommended choice? I always choose to replace with new version, since I haven’t made any changes to the file, but maybe HestiaCP does and I shouldn’t replace it?!


There is no direct connection with hestia, you should probaly be able to “just” upgrade it using a how to from google.

Usualy, you don’t want to overwrite your own files, because they may have some adjustments - so basicly use the default value which is nearly always “n” which stands for do not overwrite the files.

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