Lets Encrypt SSL certificate error

i am getting this error every time am adding a domain
“Error: DNS record for domain.com doesn’t exist”

only the first domain I added got the certificate without any error

What happens when you run nslookup domain.com?

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Hestia does run a dns lookup on the server, to prevalidate the request before send it to the LE servers. So run the command @eris suggested on your server and you’ll find out that you either have a dns issue or the record isnt propagated yet.


Maybe it could also run nginx -t to check if it will fail because of nginx. I am going to post it on github.

In that case, it’s clear: the nslookup validation fails and it throws out this specific error.

thank you for the fast replay,
i ran the DNS lookup, it did fail to find any record for 2 domains, so I contacted the domain provider,
waiting for their response.
thank you again

a little update
i was making all new user as administrators then when I add domains I get the error over and over
thank you

Bad idea they will have access to change everything on the server and see all other users.


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