Links don't work

Hi, how are you?
I just migrated a site to Hestia, and at startup it doesn’t show the css styles and the links don’t work, I get a 404 error,
Hestia is configured with Nginx. I get the impression that it must be the .htaccess file.

How can I solve it?

Nginx doesn’t support .htaccess. You probably need a change template used.

You can teach me or send me a tutorial on how to use or create a change template

This is not our part, we dont even know what you’re running :slight_smile:. If you have installed hestia without apache2 and you dont know how to handle the nginx only configuration, probaly it would be a good idea to install it with apache2 so you can stick to the well known htaccess configuration.

Thanks, but I can’t change the settings anymore, I have sites in production

Basic information on how templates work can be found

How ever for how to make the templates check either the current available found in /use/local/hestia/data/templates/web/nginx/php-fpm/

Or use Google and check how current Nginx config works.

Other option would be hire a system administrator.

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