Load and invisible user

Today I installed the hestiacp panel on a new VPS. I created a user, transferred a backup one from another server and restored it. Firstly, for some reason the load during the new installation became greater. And secondly, the users became 3 people, although there should be 2. I am attaching a screenshot.

nano /usr/local/hestia/data/users/admin/user.conf

And then users change it from 3 to 2

But why did this happen?
There is also a new user hestiamail.

The load has become larger and a new user has appeared with some privileges
Ashampoo_Snap_28 октября 2023 г.00h45m11s_001

hestiamail has been created by us to be used for the PHP-FPM sockets dus to a security bug…

It should have 0 extra permissions…

Ram is being used more than before. The previous version used less memory.