Lost in DNS, Hestia DNS management

Good evening everyone, I’m a little lost with the dns and management in Hestia. I just installed it and I wouldn’t want to make too many start-up mistakes.

I have 5 domains that I would like to have managed by Hestia. So far, my domains are at OVH (French hosting company) and I point the type A fields to my current machine (under Plesk).

I guess the best way to proceed is to have everything managed by Hestia (websites / FTP (User_account?) / mails / ssl …)

So far this is what I’ve done: installing Debian 9 naked > update > upgrade = ok!

Hestia installation = ok!
creation of a first user without website, just for the panel access (admin_panel = panel.mydomain.com) = ok!
creation of a second user for first site = domain_admin = 1 domain + 1 bdd + 1 ssl cert

But where I get lost is on the stories of NS1 and NS2. Do I have to leave the NS and DNS Zone settings at my registrar? Or do I have to enter everything in Hestia?

And do I have to do this for every domain I want Hestia to manage?

I put here the TXT configuration file of one of my domains from my registrar :

Serveur DNS @ovh.com :	
dns200.anycast.me	-	Actif	
ns200.anycast.me	-	Actif
DNS Zone @ovh.com
democrasite.com.			NS	dns200.anycast.me.	
democrasite.com.			NS	ns200.anycast.me.	
democrasite.com.			MX	1 redirect.ovh.net.	
services.democrasite.com.		MX	1 redirect.ovh.net.	
democrasite.com.			A	
panel.democrasite.com.			A >>> MyNewHestiaServer	
services.democrasite.com.		A	
democrasite.com.			TXT	"1|www.democrasite.com"	
_acme-challenge.democrasite.com.	TXT	"usjAhp6jGWVxOmY8WQnyXR9HIO25i57Z2MCeS3bUzhY"	
admin.at.services.democrasite.com.	TXT	"[email protected]"	
ftp.democrasite.com.			CNAME	democrasite.com.	
pop3.democrasite.com.			CNAME	ns0.ovh.net.	
root.at.services.democrasite.com.	TXT	"[email protected]"	
smtp.democrasite.com.			CNAME	ns0.ovh.net.	
www.democrasite.com.			TXT	"3|welcome"	
www.democrasite.com.			CNAME	democrasite.com.	
www.democrasite.com.			TXT	"l|fr"

I hope I managed to make it understandable :slight_smile: Thanks for your help.

if you are not sure about all the dns stuff, it’s probably easier to leave everything at the registrar dns. this also should come with multiple nameservers. while Hestia can provide a nameserver for you and eventually takes care of the settings it also works out of the box if you just have your A entries pointed there.

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Thanks @falzo