Miexed CSS into diff secctions of hestia

hi team i are working on hestia customization with our logo and backgroud but i found same css is used on the login and intoi other sections of hestia.


There are two css selectors there shareing the same style, notice the comma between them

  • “.login-box td”
  • “.data td”

If you are using the theme customization added in 1.1.0 ($HESTIA/data/templates/themes) override the relevant selector there.


Not understand this patch $HESTIA/data/templates/themes is empty.

As @Lupu wrote, this is a feature of 1.1.0, which version do you run?

You need to add your own css files there ( mytheme.css ), and enable it with v-change-sys-theme mytheme

related cmds:


my current version is 1.1.0
after add my theme v-add-sys-theme i will see under “Appearance”

Then you’ll find the files in the themes folder.

also question why hestia is not responsive site?

Because we hadnt any time to work more on the backend. Based on the codestructure the backend needs a complete rewrite, so we did the changes that where possible with our available time.

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Understand perfect Thanks you

when i trie add new theme rom terminal got this error

[email protected]:~# v-add-sys-theme modern
Error: invalid theme name specified.

Hi @rmjtechnologies mjtechnologies
you can rewrite the GUI with great look&fill and responsive? that is missing part on Hestia, i be sure the Hestia team will appreciate your cooperation on that if you have the experience and time.

Hi, look nice too much dark for me but look responsive.
for me Hestia need urgent responsive theme with great look&fill.
If you can do it that is good then you can share it with the comunity.