Migrate Hestia to Hestia's new server

Hi back :slight_smile:

To continue my migration from Fresh Hestia Vultr with one admin user + one user with webspace to a new VPS @ Scaleway.

I see the backup link in Hesta panel, so my question is : Can I backup all my installation conf in my Hestia Vultr VPS to import them in my new fresh install in my new scaleway VPS to win little time ? My domains will don’t change…

Thanks for you lights

Install new server
Seup the new server
Create backup old server
v-backup-user user
Move backup old server to new server /backup folder (SCP, rsync what ever)
v-restore-user user

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Thanks @eris

this will move the websites from the user too?


Of course.

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it possible do a backup of all users? or only one by one? thank you

curently only one by one, but with a bit bash scripting, you can automate it for the multiple users. Should not take more than 4-5 lines.

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ok thank you

Heh, I think I really backup all users with just 1 command?
Well it is one command that then backups all users separate?

Backup all users:


For restore there currently non


For sites that use databases (e.g. Wordpress), what about the databases?

It will backup all, including users. Also please do not revive 6 month old threads…