Migrating to New VPS Through Snapshots

My VPS provider has an option to take a snapshot of an existing VPS and deploy it to a new VPS.

If I migrated to a new VPS using snaphots, what would I need to change on the new Hestia instance?

Would I need to find and replace the IP address? Would Let’s Encrypt SSL certs be affected? Would the mail server be affected?

I don’t know the answer either BUT I use a different path.

I have 2 install scripts.

  • I run one BEFORE the hestia install.
  • I run the other AFTER the reboot after the install with all the v-commands that I need

Some of the things that I do:

  • apt-get remove stuff (postfix and so on)
  • apt-get install stuff (joe, gzip, fortune, cowsay)
  • create users for me and my workers
  • give them permissions through the sudoers file
  • change ssh port and disable root login
  • open new ssh port in hestia
  • add custom fail2ban rules
  • install wp-cli and some tweaks
  • tweak .bashrc
  • ban firehol ipset
  • v-add-letsencrypt-host but since today it is not necessary because hestia 1.4 does it for us.

The IP address is the main thing you’d have to change. It might be easier to do this using the command line scripts
SSL certs will be fine once each website is running on the new host on the correct IP address. Its fiddly but it can be done.

However, you may wish to take a different approach: Spin up a new server, and then transfer the users to the new server using backup and restore. You can then migrate the websites/ mail accounts at your own pace, and there are no issues with IP addresses. SSL certs will also be transferred. I would personally prefer to do it this way.