Migration from another panel - few questions

Would it be possible to use custom paths (web root) as a fixed template for all webs (customer)?
The point is I would like to migrate from i-mscp to hestiacp if possible …
The source paths of i-mscp should remain available:

# web root

# webfolder (default)

# additional (webs) domains webfolder

# subdomains

Can I import all databases with associated previous Mysql users into Mysql (old panel does not use DB clear text pw)?

Afterwards I need to generate hestiacp user configs would this be possible without an API migration?

You will run into a lot of permissions issues and so on. I would probally not try it. Also hestia saves domains / subdomains in a different structure so you have to create separate configs for each websites.

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thanks, I understand … hmm, many website configs need to be edited by hand then
would a bulk migration be possible via API?

All. We current use a totally different structure… Custom docroot will not work as the folder is outside the users “directory” and so on… Manual migration is probally faster…

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thank you eris I will try w/ a manual test migration, do you think hestiacp will work with the blesta vesta module?

Should work how ever not tested…

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I recently migrated all of my websites from Plesk to Hestia.

Plesk structure is similar to yours. All webs are located in /var/www/vhosts/domain.com

I made a script to take a snapshot of the WordPress websites

I made a different script in Hestia to connect to the first server, retrieve the snapshot and then create the website.

If you are interested I can share my work with you.


I guess I’ll start with an empty server and let the customers do it themselves … there are also Joomla and PrestShop and other applications …
Wordpress should work without further ado, but there are some WP plugins that also save the paths independently

For the WP installs you may use WP cli

wp search-replace /old/path /new/path

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thank you - that should work!
everything started with the monstrous whmcs pricing plans for lifetime license owner and the i-mscp project seems to be dead now … means a lot of migration work has to be done :confused:

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