Moving from NGINX web template to APACHE2

Hello friends, I have a question:

I have a hestia 1.4.17 server with a domain running an application with a NGINX Web template (*) and a PHP-FPM backend template (PHP-7.4).
And I need to move the application to another server hestia 1.4.17 with an APACHE2 web template and PHP-FPM Backend template (PHP-7.4).

The question is, if restoring a backup from the source server to the destination server, should I have any special consideration in the APACHE2 configurations?

(*) Note: On the origin server, the nginx configuration has some additional lines that I had to add for security reasons (add_headers, locations, etc.)

I will appreciate your suggestions.

I’m not sure how hestia would handle that, but I think I’d probably do it the long way:

  • manually create the site on the new server.
  • tar and copy, or rsync the files to the new server.
  • dump the db from the old server and import into the new one.

Then tweak the config files until it works. eg. some of your nginx config would go into the .htaccess file

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