Multiple Mail Server Domains + Separate "Received From"


I’m planning on doing multiple IPs + multiple mail domains on hestiaCP. Each domain will have it’s own IP. My concern is with the “Received From”.

My experience with the Control Panels is that no matter how many domains I use when the email is sent out, they all will be marked as coming from a single server.

Is there a way in hestia to make it look like the “received from” will come from a different IP depending on what domain is used? Instead of coming from the IP of the host machine?

Thanks a lot in advance for your responses.


For optimal performance for outgoing mail it is commonly better to have 1 single ip with most of the. traffic. Most ip with only a few out going emails will be marked as spam earlier then when 1 single ip is used all the time.

etc/exim4/domains/domain/ip can be changed to the ip you want but never tested it…

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I get your point.
The plan was to have separate IPs per domain made possible by multiple LAN adaptors.

That said, coming from the old VESTACP, when I have multiple mail domains in one server, they always reflect the same source computer (Received From). This information is part of the email envelop.
I was wondering if there is a way in Hestia to reflect a different server source name that is not the server name.

Thanks a lot!