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Hello everybody and users of Hestia CP!

I have an issue with the use of my databases. I can see from the CP that mariadb (in Services) is up and working properly. I have basically about 10 different databases for my user. Yesterday evening I created a new database that I need for another project. To consider that I have the same password for 9 databases. I chose to have a different password for this new (10th) database, but unfortunately also the password of the other 9 has changed. So if I change the password for one, also all the other change regardless of which one. Is this how databases are supposed to work or I am doing anything wrong? I thought I could have different passwords for different database.

Thank you very much for your kind help.

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How did you create the database?

Databases via the panel you should be able to use always different passwords?

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Hi eris,

Thank you for answering. I created the database through the Panel (DB) since it’s very easy and quick there. Now I changed the password for one, and all the databases work again, but I’m obliged to have the same password for all the databases, can’'t change only for a single one. If could suggest any troubleshooting I would be glad to do it.

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Can you check /var/log/hestia/system.log when you update the password for 1 database?

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Hi, I changed the password for the database elliot_LAB and verified that the others were not reachable anymore, then I changed the password of elliot_woo to reinstate the old one for all.

Here is the log:
2023-02-22 14:18:49 v-change-database-password ‘elliot’ ‘elliot_LAB’ ‘
2023-02-22 14:20:20 v-change-database-password ‘elliot’ ‘elliot_woo’ '

Thank you.


Any idea about what I could do to understand why this is happening?

Did you use use the same user for the username?

You can’t use “admin_admin” for the second time and I don’t think we currently verify if it is allready used

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Hi Eris,

When I create a database with my user elliot, I add the database name in “Database”, like Woo for example, and I add admin in Username. I confirm that all the databases have the username admin, but this shouldn’t make any difference since the database name is different, correct? I add info like in the following screenshot:

Usernames need to be unique as well.

Will create a bug report so we can update this behaviour

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Ok, thank you very much. Would be useful for your report if I change the username for all and then I tell you if this worked? Or you prefer that I wait for the bug to be fixed?

We might call it a feature if you want to use the same username you to update for all we probally add an warning + update the password for all databases at the same time

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Thank you very much Eris, you have been great. I will probably change username only for the account where I need a different password, and I will let you know if that worked well. I’ll try this weekend and I’ll reply here to confirm.

Hi eris, I’ve just tried, I changed the username first from ‘admin’ to ‘renato’ and saved. DB all worked. Then I changed the password only for this DB with different username, and all the other stopped working until I had to reset to the old password. The solution was to create a new database with different username and different password from the beginning, this worked, the other DB haven’t been affected. I also tried to change the password for the new DB and everything is ok, it change it only for the new one. Basically if you create a DB with the same username you can’t make it independent anymore, it will always be related to the others even if you change username. Maybe you could add to your bug report (feature requests) the chance to make a DB independent if the user wants.

Thank you for everything.

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