New installation of Hestia error

Good day,
OS: Ubuntu server 22.04
Hestia v1.6.7

This is a clean installation of Ubuntu Server 22.04. All installed as it should, no errors. However, when I try to create a new user in the Control Panel I get the error Error: MAIL_ACCOUNTS limit is reached :: upgrade user package
Please advise

Click on ‘Packages’ → ‘Add package’ and create one which you will use for your users.

um, Ok, thank you chris, I did that but I still get the same error. What exactly is a package? Sorry, but very new to Hestia
EDIT: Ok, well, never mind, I had to restart the server and now for some reason I can add users.

Ok, this is getting old now!! Every time I want to add a new email account, I get this stupid error!!! Why???

Make sure to use the “default” package and not “system” we want to discourse users to host a lot of websites on the admin user for security reasons

Doesn’t matter which package I use, even one I created, same stupid error!! You know what? I’m going back to Windows, at least things just work there. Thank you for your assistance but this is not for me evidently.
EDIT: Never mind, I finally figured it out, the admin user login was using system package so I changed it to default, now all good. Very hard to find and understand though.

You don’t want to use the admin user for hosting website create a new new user. It is for your own security… And host on that all the websites you want


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