New version IP add feature not working


The new version of IP add user shows missing, so the IP add not working.

Please help anyone.



I am not more expert on it. If i install from new, it will be fixed??

please help how can fix it. the old version the feaure worked well but new version updated then the feature not working and not showing any users to assign for ip add.

please give me a easy solution

This only the bug report. Can verify the issue still need to work on the patch…

I already installed hestiacp on 5-10 server but same issues. I also checked our old server that auto-updated and same issues on the installed old server.

There are any way to install the previous version install on new servers?

Run v-add-sys-ip ip netmast and its works fine …

Need to patch the bug in the php site as it looks like it might be present for a while as nothing has changed the last few month over there…


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