Nginx.conf and new cloudflare ips

Hello, I need to change the settings of ips cloudflare.

I would like to know if you just add it to nginx.conf or I have to release it in failban.

Another issue, I think about removing the “set_real_ip_from” entries from the nginx.conf file and adding “include /etc/nginx/cloudflare.conf”

inside these files i will put the ips cloudflare and make a script to update this file.

my doubt is, if i change the nginx.conf file, if any update can end up removing my changes, if there is any way to not let it change.

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We release an update soon with all the releated changes.

So far the changes are aren’t causing any issues for anybody. The only changes are that Cloudflare has removed ips from the public facing ip. Just wait and you are fine.

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If you want to update them now:

 sed  -i 's/    set_real_ip_from\/12;/    set_real_ip_from\/13;\n    set_real_ip_from\/14;/g' /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

Will do the trick

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