Nginx error after installing version 1.3.1

Hi, I just updated my HestiaCP to version 1.3.1 . As indicated I have updated with the command here Hestia Control Panel v1.3.1 is now available I have updated with the command update && apt-get upgrade and now Nginx won’t start , when I run systemctl status nginx.service I get the following

Someone knows how to solve it?

I think that by updating with the command I have gone from the Debian 10.4 to the 10.6, in case this can help you.

Remove the proxy_connect_timeout directive out of /etc/nignx/conf.d/timeout.conf and you should be fine

We haven’t updated nginx.conf or released to nginx this release.


Thank you very much! I’ve already fixed it, but I had to remove all the directives I had in /etc/nignx/conf.d/timeout.conf so proxy_connect_timeout , proxy_send_timeout , proxy_read_timeout , send_timeout