Nginx multi domain with different ports


In nginx, How could i specific custom port for a domain instead of using port 80?
ex: 1122

Thank you.

You could probaly try to use templates and set a static port there, but dont forget to add them to the firewall aswell: Web domains and SSL Certicates — Hestia Control Panel documentation

For each port you would need a custom template.

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thanks @ScIT
If i understand correctly, then each domain with custom port should have different template, right?

If yes, then would it possible to add a custom port directly into existing web domain config instead of adding individual template? This would give more convenience to work, when Hesita - nginx acting as backend of multi sites.

Thanks so much.

Currently not, no - but there is already a feature request on github for it.

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Got it, thanks @ScIT
I have just submitted the request.

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