Nginx Not Loading on Boot

I run a vpn to my server (zerotier). However, it seems that when I installed Hestia, it saw the vpn IP and has it in it’s config along with it’s own ip.

Now when I reboot, nginx fails to start as something somewhere is trying to bind nginx to my vpn IP and at that point, the vpn connection isn’t live yet. If I login and start nginx it’s fine.

Please advise how I can fix this. FYI I’d still like to be able to use the hestiacp admin console over my vpn instead of opening it to the public.

Well I answered my own question. I found the conf file named after my IP and removed it. And I deleted the IP from hestia and all seems well. It still responds on the address even though hestia doesn’t know anything about it. Odd but if it works I’ll take it.