No emails send and receive in hestia cp and any app installed like wordpress

Hello friends, I have installed hestia control panel in an oracle instance with ubuntu 20 and amr64 vcpu, everything works fine except that hestia does not send user data emails and neither in the applications that I install such as wordpress no send or enters any mail, no can I connect my client ftp.

I have opened the ports in the oracle cloud control panel, the smtp ports: 25,465,587, the imap: 143,993, the pop3: 110,995, ftp ports: 21,12000-12100 and I still cannot send or receive emails or connect via ftp , am I making a mistake or am I missing something to do? Can anyone help me?

Business as usual: Check maillogs, in special the exim mainlog :slight_smile:

And check if Oracle blocks port 25 for outgoing traffic

Thanks friends, i think nothing to do with oracle blocks, tahnks for your time

Without additional informations from your side, we will not be able to help you out…

Oracle blocks port 25 for outgoing emails, nothing to do

Connect via SMTP to a different server or Amazon ses