Not enough diskspace available to perform the backup


i launched a backup from the admin interface, the disk space is not enough to make the backup, and i receive each 5 minutes one email message saying “not enough diskspace available to perform the backup” . How i can stop the job, it doesn’t stop to retry and retry and send me message each 5 minutes.

Thanks in advance

I changed in plan the backups available to 0 and seems the thing stopped.

Check the backup queue in $HESTIA/data/queue/backup.conf (or similar). But also check your diskspace aswell, you’re running mow of it :slight_smile:.

In folder $HESTIA/data/queue/ there is a file called backup.pipe

inside this file is only one line:
/usr/local/hestia/bin/v-backup-user admin yes >> /usr/local/hestia/log/backup.log 2>&1

Should i delete this line?

yes, exactly. sorry, on mobile here, not that accurate :slight_smile:.

you are very kind, thank you

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