One NEXTCLOUD server with multiple domains in HESTIA?

hi, i’ve read all the threads about nextcloud … wondering how to …
install NEXTCLOUD on one server
and then use it from separate domains, using seperate DBs and users

would that be possible through HESTIA?
would that be possible after the Quick Install of NEXTCLOUD?

You can install so many nextcloud instances you want to have, just edit the web domain, go to quick install and choose nextcloud. Repeat that process for every domain you want to have.

You can’t use the same source files for multiple domains, so nextcloud just has to be installed once in each domain.

same server
different domains
too bad, i wished it could have lightened the server sharing the source files which are, obviously the same …
i hoped it could work with a symlink or something
thanks anyway

one question about quick install
howcome it still takes that many settings do to manually to have NC to work fine?
I’ve tried the Quick Install, and the overview and logs were full ^^
have you got an idea about that?

It could work with a symlink if done correctly.

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i thought so, or hope so
but i’m asking in the forum cause i’m far from being able to do this “correctly”

@jiguerrero could you detail how you’d do it with symlink please?

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