Only able to see 'Coming Soon' page


I originally installed HestiaCP and Wordpress on server A. Everything was working fine. Then, I changed the A records for my website to another server, B. And when I changed back the A records to server A, my wordpress site won’t load. It keeps showing the ‘Coming Soon’ page regardless if I use http or https. I’m able to log into my wordpress admin account though. I checked my DNS records and searched through all the settings in HestiaCP but I just can’t find the problem.

Edit: I even tried deleting the whole domain and Hestia user account and reinstalled everything but it is still the same.

Can someone help? Thanks.

I finally found out the problem. I accidentally added the user domain to the admin Let’s Encrypt host through the commands:

v-change-sys-hostname user.domain.tld


The problem is I can’t find a way to delete the user.domain.tld from let’s encrypt host. CLI Core Scripts do not have a way to list or delete the domains added to the let’s encrypt host file.

Where is it located and how do I delete user.domain.tld from let’s encrypt host file?

Rename the file “index.html” in main forder where you have your site

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