Out of multiple Hestia installs 2 servers are failing to renew the host server certificate

Hallo All,

Been away from Hestia for some months and am having an odd problem.

A client has multiple servers each with a Hestia install. Was doing some system recon
and came across 2 servers where the hostname cert, i.e. server2.clientdomain.com and
server4.clientdomain.com, is failing to renew. Since May.
Stranger still I can’t find any log that is capturing the failure message. I did find this
warning message on those 2 servers, as well as other servers where cert renewals are not a problem:

OCSP response not successful (6: unauthorized) while requesting certificate status, responder: r3.o.lencr.org

But those are for the client’s client domains and they are (eventually) renewing.
Because of this, it’s not possible to use the admin console on server2 or server4
depending on the browser. I use Brave most of the time (when possible) and it won’t connect.
Nor will Chrome Canary. Vanilla Chrome and Safari and Firefox have an option to proceed without HSTS.

But I digress. What Hestia script can / should I use to manually renew the server2 and server4 host certs ? These are all production servers and all have Hestia 1.7.7 installed.




hey thanks for that command. have not had to use it before but now know how to recover
if the letsencrypt job blows up because of renewal server congestion / latency etc



Happy to help :wink:

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