Own DNS does not work

I do not know what happens but my dns does not detect the domain.

I have everything configured and there is no way that my dns are public to use them.

I create the Glue Records in my domain hosting, I insert the dns but it does not detect the servers, it is as if they do not exist …

I have everything created correctly and I don’t know what to do …

I have the two NS created pointing to the ip and the two A Records with ns1.xxxx.xxx

I have created a new package in hestia putting the new servers and the SOA appears fine as well.

I’ve been with this for 24 hours and I don’t know what to do

Thanks in advance…

PS: I have already configured another domain and it works perfectly with this one I don’t know what happens … maybe I forgot a step …

the only thing i see is this in the bind log

i have check and this log is correct, not is error because in my other server is working and show same log… i dont know why not work the dns…

You should not use IPv6 because HestiaCP does not yet support it. It will even cause problems with LetsEncrypt.

The step you might have forgotten is to use the “Child-DNS” template for your domain.

I was using the default “as in another server that I use the same and if it works” I have changed it to child but the dns still does not work, it is like something is blocking it or it is not coming out where it should.

But I have everything set up in the registers …

I’ve been a whole day and I don’t know what to do the truth.

Hestia currently does not support ipv6 it is currently in development but it takes a lot more time

but I do not understand why you decide ipv6 … I have simply installed hestia as I have on the other server and I have done the same procedure.

On the other server it works perfectly and not on this one.

What do I have to do then?

i have read about the ipv6 and i have set the -4 i think is correct, but not working too…

I have already solved it, the problem was that being a .es domain, the propagation takes longer than normal.

Hestia worked perfectly thank you all!

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