Php-fpm pools NOT removed when deleting user or domain

I have a Nginx / PHP-FPM multi version stack installed on Debvian 9. (without apache)

When i delete a user or domain, the PHP pool .conf file is not removed.
If the user is deleted using the panel GUI, php cant be restarted because it try to assign the pool user to a user that doesnt exist anymore in the system.

I manage to make it work by commenting the following lines on bin/v-delete-web-domain

# Deleting web backend
#if [ ! -z "$WEB_BACKEND" ]; then
    $BIN/v-delete-web-domain-backend $user $domain $restart

When install without apache, the “backend” dropdown is not present on web domain edit form. Maybe is that whats causing the error.

And the following lines on bin/v-delete-web-domain-backend

# Defining pool directory
#pool=$(find -L /etc/php* -type d \( -name "pool.d" -o -name "*fpm.d" \))
#if [ ! -e "$pool" ]; then
#    check_result $E_NOTEXIST "php-fpm pool doesn't exist"

Aparently the $pool variable gets populated by 5 lines (each line correspond to each php version pool directory) and the if statement check if that variable is a valid directory and if its not interrupts the process and return the message: “php-fpm pool doesn’t exist”

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Thanks for your bug-report Ramiro, this issue was fixed on master branch and will be include in the next release.


I understand this is an old thread, but I faced this issue just today on Hestia v1.1.1 (upgraded from 1.0.6). I had to delete a pool file manually for a user who no longer existed, to load the php service successfully.

That user might have been created with v1.0.6, I’m not sure. So I went ahead today and created a new test user. Then I created a web domain under that user and assigned php 7.1 as the Web Template. Then I deleted that test user, but the pool file remained in /etc/php/7.1/fpm/pool.d/

My setup is nginx+apache+multi php.

Just checked had the same issue with the “master” version we need to take a look at it…

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this problem is there again.