Phpmyadmin error after mysql_secure_installation

In my previous question I was able to move the phpmyadmin page to a subdomain but i got 2 errors on the home page:

  • can’t access the TempDir
  • needed blowfish_secret

I was able to fix the first error by using the following command

chmod -R 777 /usr/share/phpmyadmin/tmp

But when I checkd /etc/phpmyadmin/ the secret was already set

Then it was a permission issue. You should NEVER chmod 777 anything.

Change the owner of the folder with chown -R and restore the original permissions that should be 640 for files and 750 for directories

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In this way the error is still on the phpmyadmin page

drwxrwx— 3 root www-data 4.0K Aug 5 08:31 tmp

www-data group needs write access swell


Still not accessible

If you run phpmyadmin under a different user create a custom template for php so php can run under www-data

I don’t think i run phpmyadmin under a different user, how can I check that?

I’ve used the followind commands to see what user is running apache

ps aux | grep apache

Then i’ve change owership of the tmp folder to that user but the error doesn’t go away

As told it it not really supported I can’t help with it …


I was able to fix this problem entirely on another server by creating the new config file as below, setting the blowfish_secret and adding the following line $cfg[‘TempDir’] = ‘/tmp/’;

Now I just need fix the permission error on the other server


Regarding the “blowfish_secret” i was able to fix the issue with the following command

cp /usr/share/phpmyadmin/ /usr/share/phpmyadmin/

and pasting in the " $cfg[‘blowfish_secret’] " field the value in " /etc/phpmyadmin/ ".

Now I think I made thinks worse becouse I can’t access phpmyadmin anymore. When I try to access it I get the access denied error, any idea why it maight happen? ( I also played with permissions and I have the /usr/share/phpmyadmin folder as drwxrwx— as well as everything inside it )

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