Possible access roundcube at hostname.tld?

Roundcube working fine at wemail.domain.tld but wondering if this option is available for more security i.e. webmail.tld is publically available and less config purposes i.e. less dns + certificates. I don’t used mail.domain.tld for mail client access but rather hostname.tld which works great. I haven’t looked at the hestia code to see the routing that is going on, but I figured I would ask here before digging. Thanks!

Create a template based on:


And for Nginx proxy:


And a php-fpm template that ads the round cube folder to openbasedir and it should work

If you use Nginx only same for the nginx config…

@eris Thanks for that. I should have specified nginx only so you didn’t have to post all three.

I am moving to nginx from ols and haven’t used nginx config except testing some .htacess rewrite conversions the other day. It’s not immediately obvious to me what I’m changing here (or even where to put the modified configs)… I’m assuming somewhere I’m removing webmail.domain.tld and replacing it with hostname.tld/something…

Also I don’t know enough to know if I need to support the non-ssl version?

Please excuse my naivete as I have been moving from managed to self-managed and now moving to nginx (due to no solid open source panels that support OLS)

Thank you!

@eris I’m following up about my question.

Can you tell me where in the template I would modify this?

I’m not seeing anything that would indicate the ‘webmail’ alias inserted in web_system.stp

Thank you!


%webmail alias% need to be removed …

Thank you @eris

Does not exist in the documentation or the templates. Please advise.

Thank you!

That is why it needs to be removed as it doesn’t exists for web templates…

Thank you @eris

I don’t understand how to remove something that doesn’t exist.

Can you be more specific about how to make this modification?

Thank you!


This modification does not appear to be possible without modifying hestia itself. The template always adds the webmail alias to %domain%

Is that what you are saying?

As instructed you need to copy them to the /usr/local/hestia/data/templates/web/nginx/php-fpm folder

And select them within edit web .

Then it should work fine

Thanks for the additional info @eris

Are you saying copy:

/usr/local/hestia/data/templates/mail/nginx/web_system.tpl + web_system.spl




I don’t know that that means. Do you mean edit them?