PR for Adding a new API example to update a secondary bare-bones name server

Hello, I added a PR to provide an additional API example for updating a bare-bones secondary DNS server. This allows a server that is only running bind9 to act as a secondary name server reducing the manual effort to update the bind9 config for the domains added already to a primary name server running Hestia CP.

Can someone help review?

  • Script for a Secondary name server to obtain DNS domains via Hestia API that have been added on a primary name server running Hestia
  • Optionally add the included bash script to crontab on the secondary name server to fully automate a Secondary server
  • Easily setup bare-bones secondary name servers on low cost/low resource VMs.

Add script to update a secondary dns server by Akutra · Pull Request #1 · hestiacp/hestiacp-api-examples (