Problem means server

Hello. I have a problem and something is something that has started to consume a lot of resources on my server and I don’t know what it is since I didn’t touch anything, where can I see the problem? restart the server but the problem continues, I attach screenshots


looks like one of the php scripts is taking a lot of resources for user tonin.

you could find out by enabling php-fpm status.

or run

strace -f $(pidof php-fpm7.4 | sed 's/\([0-9]*\)/\-p \1/g')

Maybe it’s just traffic good guys or bad guys.

The load average is under 1.

What are you hosting with the user tonin?

I get the following

You’ll probaly need to debug what exactly need that amount of resources - usualy it is an infected website. I’m not sure if we can help out with “remote debugging”.

Try suspending websites until the activity drops

apt install strace


You get that because strace is not installed. Do as Dennis says:

apt install strace

Then retry the first command

good afternoon, yes I have it installed :pensive:

You didn’t execute the same command.

To avoid mistakes copy and paste. If you are new to linux, you may right click in putty to paste.

As you can see you have changed the -p \1/g’)` part