Proftpd configuration question/confusion

This isn’t a hestia problem or issue per se but I’m hoping that someone can help with some advice.

I’m using Hestia with proftpd. I’ve got everything working with ftp to be able to see a directory listing (which was no small feat due to haproxy on pfsense) however in order to get the file upload to work to the folder I want, I had to change rights to 777 on the folder.

I am trying to upload to a path like /user/web/

I’m not a fan of putting 777 on this folder. Is there another way to configure proftpd so that I can use standard folder security within the public_ftp folder?

FYI, the reason I want the ftp folder within the wordpress site is that the user is uploading images via ftp (from a script pulling from an internal sales order system) that get used in a custom wordpress plugin. I’m open to suggestions on alternative solutions on where to upload them but still be able to serve them directly from within wordpress.