Provide an expiration time for the user site

As an administrator or agent, creating a website for users is often not enough. For example, if this user purchased a one-month package, the account I assigned to him should have an expiration time. After the user expires, all websites under his account will be automatically stopped. Such a function can help us a lot. hope to be accepted.

Not planned your billing system should have support for it. For example Whcms/boxbilling/fossbilling has support for it

Are there no plans to schedule such a schedule in the future? That seems a bit of a pity, I came from the cyberpanel panel, they no longer maintain this project, then I tried hestiacp and found it more suitable for my project, just I want to make it more perfect

No there are no plans for such feature.

It has nothing to do with managing the web server. If you use a billing system as WHMCS, Boxbilling or any other system that can manage web hosting packages. It is already build in.

If you really you can also build a system that does it on it self.

Oh ok, thanks a lot, I don’t seem to have thought of this approach yet. thanks for your reply

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