Proxmox (1 IP) and virtual servers on HestiaCP

Greetings, everyone.

Maybe someone has already done this? Can you tell me what might be the problem?

I want to put Proxmox on my home server. And each site to plant on a separate virtualisation with HestiaCP (it is necessary that it was possible to give the user full access to SSH).

What is the best way to do it, what stack to use? A separate virtual machine with Nginx Proxy Manager or HestiaCP? I don’t know yet how DNS will work, if it will be different for each site in a separate virtual machine, is it necessary to make any additional actions, for example, to configure DNS cluster, so that child virtual machines will exchange with the central one, which will have reverse proxy?

Share your experience, very interesting.

I will be glad to all.

Translated with (free version)

Tunnel | Zero Trust App Connector might work but I have no idea how it works…

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