-q (--quota) Filesystem Quota [yes|no] default: no

Hi Team

Someone can tell me what is the function of the flag -q on Hestia installer?

-q (–quota) Filesystem Quota [yes|no] default: no

What happen if I enable (yes) this flag?

What happen if I not enable (no) this flag?

Any answer will be greatly appreciated

(Sorry for my english, I am a spanish native speaker)

Quotta is quota :slight_smile:. It will create hard limits for your hestia users based on the disk usage.

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Thank you very much !

Just to add here, that if you’re using an OpenVZ VPS, you also need to contact your VPS provider. They first need to enable quota on the VPS (container) level.

If you’re thinking about using quota on a KVM VPS or bare-metal server, the following topic might be of some interest: Strange message during installation (quotas involved)

Sorry for that kind of a stupid question… Without quota…? Soft limit or complitely with no limit?

Soft limites the are not enforced