Question concerning installing Hestia + simple Debian 11

Could you reccomend, it will be enough:

  1. Install default debian 11 via images under hosting provider
  2. Install Hestia panel via instructions
  3. I saw that a few vps providers offers plans OS + Hestia from image same as default os
  4. Or, maybe there is need to install some special packages in debian and olny after install Hestia

Thank you!

I usually only use the default Debian / Ubuntu images via my provider and works like a charm

If some provider use a “Hesita” from an image you not be able to modify according your needs for example remove apache2 or install sieve.

For Installing Hestia we only require to have curl and wget available most cases they should be present have see on minimal images that they need to installed first. (Very rare)

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Thank you! i see, will be trying to install)

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