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Currently i am using Ispconfig, but has plans to move my servers to Hestiacp. I have a few questions before moving my servers.

I use SOGo on Ispconfig, is there any plans to integrate SOGo or any other webmail that has support for calendar and contacts?

On my testserver where i installed Hestiacp i couldn’t get ssl to work with STARTTLS only if using SSL/TLS. Is this a bug or have i setup something wrong?

On the auto reply for mails i want a way to set a start and end date. This is important especially for business use. Do you have any plans to add a such feature?

I really like what i have seen from Hestiacp. It is user friendly and when i tested the websites with Wordpress and Nextcloud it loaded very fast. A big plus is that it also has support for Postgresql not only Mariadb.

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Currently not, no.

You speak about mail ssl? Should basicly work out of the box.

I think there is already a feature request on our github project. But due to the current available time it hasnt the biggest priority.

Thank you for your answer.

Yes, I talk about mail ssl. I have to test it again and see if it works.

I think it should be possible to create a auto reply with a plugin to Roundcube, but it is easier if it could be integrated to the panel.

In 1.4.0 we add the possibility to add your own web mail client.

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I run Nextcloud on a Hestia server. That will let you sync documents, contacts, calendars with your computer and phones. There’s also an email client. I haven’t used that, but I don’t see why you couldn’t point it at your email account on the same server. 90% sure that would be fine.

I believe installing Sogo on the hestia server might cause problems with the mail configuration. However nextcloud doesn’t touch that, and is self-contained, so it might work for you.

As far as I understand, START TLS will only work on ports 143(imap) and 110 (pop), whereas SSL will only work on ports 993 and 995. If you want to check these the ‘openssl s_client’ command is good for debugging. I’ve found that Apple mail clients are especially picky.

Depending on your technical skill and need, you might consider writing a script to disable an autoreply using these three built in commands

I also use Nextcloud and have looked at it as a alternative to SOGo. The reason why i like SOGo is because you get both email, calendar and contacts in one place.

At the moment running calendar and contacts with nextcloud seems to be the best solution. Thank you for the suggestion to use nextcloud @pluto

I made a new test yesterday and SSL worked with both START TLS and SSL/TLS. For START TLS to work i had to change the incomming and outgoing adress to instend of and

Autoreply is important for me as i said earlier. I think the best solution for now is to wait until version 1.4.0 come out and see if i can get it done with rainloop instend of using the Hestiacp interface.

One more question.

I run Hestiacp with nginx without apache. I want to be able to reach the panel from a subdomain for example I tried to create a template, but it didn’t work.

I searched in the forum for a solution and find this on github, but it shows just the default web page.

Should work fine dit you try nginx -t why it is not loading?

Yes i get the following error:

nginx: [emerg] invalid port in “my ip:” of the “listen” directive in /etc/nginx/conf.d/domains/

I can’t understand what’s wrong other than something with the ip.

I solved my issue. I duplicated the default template and changed the location so it looks like this:

location / {
proxy_pass https://%ip%:8083;

Thank you for all help. I will transfer my servers to Hestiacp soon.

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