RainLoop Webmail

Is it possible to use RainLoop Webmail instead of Roundcube ?

Not at this time out-of-box, however you can install Rainloop to a standard web domain and use it that way (which is the easiest way). Alternatively you should be able to modify the webmail templates accordingly, but we will not provide official support for this at this time.

We do have an updated webmail experience based around Roundcube 1.4 in the works, however I don’t have an ETA to provide right now as to when it will be ready to ship.


@MohdKhan - let me know whether you need further help with getting RainLoop to work on Hestia CP. I’m using it personally as it’s No. #1 webmail client IMHO.


@martineliascz if you like, please share the upgrade steps :slight_smile:.

@martineliascz why not, if you have no issue then please share the steps…

@ScIT @MohdKhan - Here you go guys: [How-to] RainLoop in Hestia CP

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