Redirect Aliases


I have a short url website where i created som subdomains for my site. The aliases work for website redirection right now, for example “” works fine, but if i access “” i get an error. i wonder how i can redirect the rootsubdomain to my main site. IE “” visitors should get redirected to “” or any page of my choosing.

If you want to redirect from subdomain to domain you can enable a redirection from the panel. Under the advanced options.

You may also try to see if an alias could also fit your needs.

That solved most of my problems, thanks! :slight_smile:

The second problem i now have, what if i want to have some of the subdomains redirect do another webpage? let’s say i want “” to redirect to "“” ?

Add it as alias of myfriedwebsite …

i mean that "“” is my friends website he created on another server somewhere else.

Then use a redirection

add sub-domain then use this redirection option.


For more redirection google how to do it with htaccess