Register Own Nameservers

Hi there

I have multiple domains added to HestiaCp users and now I’d prefer to set own nameserver and DNS Cluster. Luckily NameCheap allows me to register private nameservers, so I did it, but now I cannot access the websites. I set the A record for ns1 and ns2 with their corresponding IP in DNS zone of the domains in HestiaCp. I set the DNS template to Child-ns, but still no signs to access the website normally. Is there something missing? Do I need to wait for sometime in order to let the records propagate over the network?

do you use cloudflare too ?
check dns Prop using any online dns checker

No, I use the namecheap’s CDN. But I’ll check if it works

When I check the domain to see the DNS propgation, I see the own nameservers get recognized by a very few countries. Does that mean I need to wait for some time? If so how much time does the propgation needs to fully finish?

up to 48 hrs.

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You can reduce the TTL before you propagate the changes so that the propagation takes only 5 minutes