Remote database without local installation?


I installed Hestia without any of the database systems, intending to use a remote database. When I try to add the remote database, however, I get the following error:

Error: DB_SYSTEM is not enabled

Is this because I did not install any database system? It seems unnecessary to install it locally when I’m not going to use the server.

As per another thread I tried adding DB_SYSTEM='mysql' to /usr/local/hestia/conf/hestia.conf, as well as installing mariadb-client and php-mysql, and it sort of works. The database is created, but not the user.

Is there any recommendation for this? Can/should I just install the database module, and then remove the local host using v-delete-database-host and uninstall the MariaDB server?

Can you add echo $mysql_ver on the next line after the mysql_connect call?


Come to think of it, would simply installing php-mysql even work for all PHP versions with MultiPHP?

Yes it should install the php packages of each version…

10.11.3 is the same version as the remote server?


Yeah, it is the same version. The two systems were installed at the same time.

I tried debugging that function, but I don’t see where the user is meant to be created? I can see the commands for when "$mysql_fork" = "mysql", but those are not included in the else case. Is that done somewhere else?

Can you chec what the output is for mysql


For cat $mysql_out:


I found out that I had not granted global database permissions to the user, only global system permissions, so it was authorized to create databases, but not grant access to them. Unfortunately, the Hestia commands seems to hide all SQL errors. Would be useful to have them.