Remove by default records per aliases


I have main domain working with a simple HTML template.
In this domain I have some many aliases working, more than +50

Per alias I view generate 13 DNS Records.

TXT _dmarc
MX @
A Webmail
A imap
A pop
A smtp
A mail
A ftp
A www
A @
NS @
NS @

All those marked in bold I don’t need them in any alias.
Most are related to email and ftp.

I have stopped the services Exim4 and Dovecot in my panel and generate new aliases to see if some records I not need are removed but no, stay the same 13 Records.

I am going to generate many aliases per domain and I would like the server to load fewer records per alias to working better the system and more relax.
It´s possbile?

Let’s suppose you have the domain name and you want to create the aliases,, etc.

In my opinion, the easy way to handle that, is to:

  • Go to DNS tab of
  • Add a new record (CNAME or A record) for alias1
  • Add a new record (CNAME or A record) for alias2
  • etc

Then you can go to WEB tab, edit your domain and add all the aliases you have set in the DNS tab.

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Hi Felix!
Thanks for response.

In my case the alias not are subdomain are other custom domains.

Primary domain:
Alias for,, alias,

NOTE: In primary domain only have a small HTML template. The aliases only replicate the primary domain content but no domain redirection.

I edit the primary domain and paste aliases in bulk (about 20-30 or 50 at same time) not one per one.
All this alias generate for default 13 DNS Records per alias and many of them are not used for nothing.

In that case, you can create a custom DNS template, only with the records you need and apply that template to the alias domains.

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oohh many thanks!
In the panel see another way. Select in the default Package / DNS Template: Default-nomail.
Only generate 5 DNS per alias:
A ftp
A www
A @
NS @
NS @

Working Ok in my case.