Request for ability to Show Full Disk Stats

Hi, loving Hestia! As an admin it feel that there would be great value in not only (via Stats) showing what disk space has been used, but also showing Disk space available, Total Disk space perhaps? Surely there would be others that might benefit from that little tweak?
Thank you kindly,


That information is available in the statistics button in the upper menu.

Check the disks part and you may see the result of a df -h command

I hear what you are saying Jose. However we must be looking at different Statistics. I see the Disk showing USED space (~3.4GB) and it does not show TOTAL AVAILABLE Disk space (i.e. ~53.6GB) and that is my point. df -h. absolutely… Used is shown, Avail is not. Thank you, Edward

hcp Disk 2 2022-03-13_11-38-33
hcp Disk 2022-03-13_11-37-58