Roundcube - hide About button


I would like to hide the ‘About’ button in Roundcube (all skins).
One way would be to just edit /skins/elastic/styles/styles.min.css
but what would be the best way to do this without getting overwritten during updates?

Thanks in advance!

I think that a question like this should be asked on Roundcube forum?

Yes, I thought about that but since I use Roundcube within HestiaCP environment I decided to ask it here. Also, others here could benefit from the solution…

I think css files are updated replaced during updates…

Thanks @eris. I’m thinking the same thing. We’ll see!

Just create your elastic-2 skin and apply it.

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Thank you @jlguerrero!


Apart from the solution as given by @jlguerrero I also got another possibility suggested at the Roundcube forum:

As of Roundcube version 0.9.0 the skinning system allows a skin to extend another skin. This now makes it very easy to create customs skins which only apply minor changes to the default skins that come with the Roundcube core package. To create a skin that builds on another, simply name the base skin with the label extends in the meta.json file of your skin…


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