Roundcube only receiving messages

Hi there, first off: I am a complete noob and beginner in all of this, I use my intuition only, so I have quite a few limitations. So considering this fact, I wanted to ask - how can I repair my roundcube?

It’s only receiving messages abt failing to deliver a message, tried it with various different emails, none received my stuff.
My website works just fine, it has https:// everything fine with that, but the roundcube isn’t okay for some reason. I saw a topic here abt it but it was discontinued after 30 days. My mail domain panel has everything marked as green, I have one account on there.

hold on, just noticed also this:

no idea if this is affecting the mail part.

if anyone has any idea, please comment here, sorry for any inconvenience out of my lack of knowledge

DNSSEC on “red” doesn’t matter it only it only means DNS SEC isn’t enabled.

Most likely port 25 is blocked…