Roundcube rate limit problem

My server has been updated to Hestia V1.6.1 during the night and now I’m not able to send mail from Roundcube anymore. I get the following error messages:

2022-06-29 10:57:19 H=localhost (webmail.***.com) [] F=<***@***.com> rejected RCPT <***@***>: Email account  is sending too many emails - rate overlimit = 1.4 / 1h

Yesterday I was sending mails in Roundcube without any problems.

Do you login as a different email then you send as under?

Please check if this solves your issue

The login-email-address and the from-address are the same. But $authenticated_id is empty since the error message “Email account is sending…” doesn’t contain any address.

I’ve included the fix from Make rate limit function more more resilient by jaapmarcus · Pull Request #2703 · hestiacp/hestiacp · GitHub in my exim4 configuration and now the mails are sent without any problem using roundcube. Thank you.

We just have released hestia 1.6.2 which will fix the issue.


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