Send service e-mail to all users or extract all user e-mail contacts

Hello! Hello!

Hestia is growing and growing, and I love it more and more :slight_smile:
Anyway, I’m currently looking for a way to extract all user administrative e-mail adresses to send a bulk e-mail to all users to notify them of maintenance or upgrades.

Now the most perfect solution would be an possibilty to send such an e-mail from the admin panel. Now this isn’t (yet) possible. I’m trying to extract all e-mail adresses.

I could do this from the passwd file on the server, tho is there any other solution or go to option to do this.

Currently I’m gathering all e-mail adresses and adding them to my google contacts but hmm… Looking for a better solution to do the custom relation stuff :confused:

Thanks for all idea’s and help! <3 HestiaCP :slight_smile:

Make a bash script to loop through mail folders for every domain.

I think he only want to send a mail to the account owners

v-list-user user plain and fetch the email account and it should work


Well, kinda. But I think there should be a better way.
For now I’ve found out that if I use the following command it gives me all e-mail adresses.
Just gotta change up my one liner and filter out some more stuff but thats for later.

Command: v-list-users json | grep CONTACT

I probably can get only the e-mail adress if I filter out contact and “” :smiley:

Thanks for letting me think about the v-list commands.

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