Server completely crashed

This is embarrassing. I I was trying to change a global setting on the maria database and now my Hestia server has crashed completely. I deleted the bad code but the server still crashed. All of my websites are now down and I can not even log into my Hestia admin control panel. I can still log into the server as root with ssh and I think in the past your have offered a command that can roll back all of my websites and the admin panel – the entire server – to what it was 12 to 24 hours ago. Given the stakes here, I am wondering if someone here could give me the terminal command to restore everything. Will it work if even the Hestia Control panel has crashed?

There is no such β€œmagic” command, expect you have some image based backups of your server. You need to find out what exactly is running and what not, in special which services are down or up, check the failed services why they are down and read out there log - this should give you more informations to find the source of your problem.

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The good news is that my server host was able to restore the server from a backup. The bad news is I still have a database problem. Hopefully, I can fix it with out crashing the server again. I will try to be more careful.

Backup restore should always be the last point, probaly the base issue was minor (disk space, service, network, whatever). Next time i suggest you try to find out what happened, it will also improve your skillset.


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