Server Freeze atleast once per week

I have a situation whereby i have to hard reboot my server atleast once per week.
sometimes twice per week.

I am not sure what is causing the problem and everytime i reboot the server, i am forced to manually start apache and nginx or just nginx sometimes.

WHat happens is, i no longer have access to the websites hosted on the server, and when i try to login to the server control panel i am unable to access it. after a reboot i am able to access the admin account but not the website,s they are all done.

How can i properly troubleshoot the problem and therefore have a permanent solution, it doesnt make sense to always reboot the serve revry week.

the server is an ARM server, on oracle, for those using oracle cloud, is it an oracle issue?

Check your log files.

how can i configure nginx and apache to automatically start after a reboot

the log files have nothing substantial really.

systemctl status apache2
and /var/log/apache2/ logs…