Server option, add user, domain template option missing

Hi today I just updated to 1.4.17 and after that domain template and other options missing and when I click on the server icon it’s redirecting to /list/user/ also when I click add user nothing happens

but all my sites are working fine

I have first updated from control panel then using apt update && apt upgrade -y
updated from 1.3.5

please help

Click on Advanced Options

only getting Custom document root option not just that server option icon it’s redirecting to /list/user/ also when I click add user, package its redirecting to list/user/

You’re logged in as admin? Did you try to clear your browser cache or uae incognito mode?

yes logged in as admin tried in incognito mode same

any solution?



And check if ROLE=‘admin’ if not change it to there and then try again

thanks worked

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