Set SMTP and SSH port at installation script

Is it possible to set a SMTP account and update SSH port at installation script?

I’ve noticed that I received emails notification from hestia in spam folder and I’d like to improve it when I do a new installation automatically via script, and the same for SSH port replacing 22 for a new one.

I know I should do it manually in previous installation, but as I sell VPS services and I’d like to do it automatically for new ones.

Ssh port can be set pre install we don’t touch it

SMTP currently not you can set via cli after install

v-add-sys-smtp $domain 587 STARTTLS [email protected]$domain 1234-test [email protected]$domain

For the command…

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Create a custom script to:

  • sed the ssh port and maybe sudoers file.
  • Then set the SMTP command to run only once after reboot
  • Then wget hestia and install


I also set the firewall and several ipsets

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