Setting up subdomains

I am very new to Hestia and I have been trying to figure how to setup a subdomain, the main domain works fine but when I try adding the subdomain the same way I added my main domain, but it did not work. I think its something with the dns but I am not sure. I tried doing a dns search of the subdomain but showed no record of it. Sorry if my question sound a little dumb.

What’s the error you get? If no error, what means doesn’t work?

The dns for your domain is hosted in Hestia, with your domain provider or with any other provider?

No error, my web browser says dns probe started. I search for dns entry for my subdomain but no record was found and I think I am still using my domain provider. But if I would host my own dns from Hestia, how would I do this?

Then you should add an A record to your subdomain pointing to Hestia server ip in your domain provider (the same way you did for the domain).

My recommendarion, don’t use Hestia DNS server yet, keep the dns with your domain provider and when you have enough knowledge, then you will consider whether to use the Hestia dns server.

I thought it would be better to keep it away from the domain provider because I want to make a high volume of subdomains. I think its about 20-23 subdomains, so its alot of subdomains. Currently I am just test 2-3 subdomains but plan is to expand to that. This is going to be managed by multiple people and it would be nice to not have to manage it through there.

Is there any limit in your domain provider? Because for me, 20-23 subdomains,is not a lot of subdomains.

Keep in mind that it is recommended to have at least 2 different name servers and if you only will have one Hestia server, then, your ns records will point to the same server, so if you have no plans to install a secondary Hestia server, keep that in mind.

If your own domain will be the dns server for itself, you should also add glue records on your domain provider pointing those ns records to the ip of your Hestia server.

Regarding Hestia DNS doc, take a look to this:

No, I don’t have a limit, it would just be easier to manage everything in one place instead of having to use the domain provider just to add the domains and the websites on hestiacp